How to Drive Castle Combe Circuit


We hope you find these notes both helpful and a useful reference. They are of necessity written around an average car, and, like everything else in life, you will find that you may have to make subtle adjustments to suit your particular vehicle. The notes have been put together to help you maximise your performance and enjoyment at Castle Combe circuit but as always safety is paramount and any advice or suggestions should never be taken absolutely literally and your own common sense for your own safety should always prevail.

Remember never drive faster than you feel comfortable with in other words:

“Always Drive Within Your Comfort Zone”

Although these notes can be used on their own to good effect, they are actually intended as an adjunct to our specialist tuition courses . Our ARDS instructors supplement these notes with sessions of circuit driving theory in the “classroom” out of the car, practical on-circuit driving with the instructor, and time on your own putting things into practice. Call or email for more details about bespoke circuit training.

When reading the notes below, travel is from left to right on the circuit sketches.

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CC - Folley

CC - Avon and Quarry

CC - Esses and Old Paddock

CC - Hammerdown

CC - Tower

CC - Bobbies into Westway

CC - Camp